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Chairman's Message

Innovation ignites change. In an evolving world of environmental obstacles, looking to the future and embracing change is not only beneficial, it is inevitable. At WattEV, we are developing the building blocks of that future through technology, diving head-first into the challenges of our time. We believe in a greener, more renewable existence. We take the vitality of our planet seriously. And we understand that a transformation of the world we now know is crucial to the future we all strive towards.


That’s why sustainability is at the core of everything we do. With transportation causing nearly 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, WattEV is here to bring about change where it counts the most.


Transforming the heavy duty transportation sector is not just about disrupting the industry, it is about revolutionizing it. Building electric trucks is an important piece of the puzzle, but it is the charging infrastructure and support systems for electrified workflow that will keep those trucks hauling freight. At WattEV, we are approaching the problem with a total solution, a way to combine the necessary ingredients to create an entire ecosystem that addresses the needs of the transportation sector.We see the barriers of the heavy duty trucking industry as challenges that inspire an agile way of thinking and bring forth our passion and commitment to a more sustainable world. By supplying the infrastructure, the supplies, and the services required to move freight, we are not only reducing emissions, we are providing the most efficient, effective, and economical option available to shippers and carriers nationwide.


Problem solving is where we thrive. Bringing together a dynamic team of talented thinkers, we have created a culture of excellence that thinks outside the box, embraces the unknown, and refuses to accept the status quo. Transformation cannot happen without collaboration and creativity. With our team’s unique blend of skills and knowledge, we are able to see a broad vision, execute with impeccable aim, and deliver with uncompromising attention to detail.


Technology and ingenuity are key to a green future. Building our business with purpose, WattEV is set out on a mission to make meaningful change, intervene in the existing systems, and impact the transportation industry with intelligence and intention. As the industry continues to evolve, we will be the catalyst - adapting, embracing, and innovating.

About Us

Driven by Innovation.

Meet the Team

Led by electrical engineers and entrepreneurs

WattEV's founding team has significant experience working together building companies involving large, complex projects.

Salim Youssefzadeh

Co-Founder & CEO

Umar Javed

Co-Founder & President

Eric Andres

Chief Financial Officer

Luke Simendinger

Chief Revenue Officer

Marcelo Barros

Vice President Program Management

Chloe Yoo

Director of Finance

Ihor Starepravo

Director of Software Engineering

Scott Young

Director of Construction Management

Sandra Gutierrez

Director of BEV Logistics & Transportation

Huzeifa Badshah

Specialist - EV and Energy Infrastructure Engineering

Mohamed Salem

Director, Construction Management - EVSE

Sarmad Jabbar

Director of Engineering, Power System

Samantha Gomez

Marketing Manager

Michael Ganny

Director of Grants and Government Affairs

Blake Irish

Director of Business Development and Strategy

Michael Agrier

Vice President, Real Estate

Lauren Larkins

Manager, Real Estate

Board of Directors and Advisors

A board made up of industry professionals with a wealth of experience and successful track records.

Emil Youssefzadeh

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Faramarz Yousefzadeh

Co-Founder & Board Member

Umar Javed

Co-Founder & Board Member

Salim Youssefzadeh

Co-Founder & Board Member

Frank Sacr

Advisory Board Member

Bob Foster

Advisory Board Member

John Schuster

Advisory Board Member

Tom Nightingale

Advisory Board Member

  • ​Duties:

    • Governing all IT and software-related vendors and ecosystem providers including, COTS, PaaS/SaaS providers.

    • Driving engineering efforts, implementation, and deployments that meet functional, performance, scalability, and reliability requirements while also adhering to software development principles and best practices.

    • Coordinating with product and technical team members to define vision of software products lineup, target market/buyers, development roadmap in alignment with the WattEV business roadmap and growth objectives. Responsible for software products monetization, including sales, pricing, go-to-market, and marketing strategies.

    • Responsible for resource management of overall IT and software-related personnel within the organization.


    • Master’s degree in Computer science, Computer Engineering, 
      Information Systems or a closely related field of concentration, plus two (2) years of experience which must include:

      • Designing complete systems by collaborating with multiple teams

      • Testing, hardware, and deployment methodologies

      • Overseeing the direction, development, and delivery of application solutions

      • Charging management architecture and payment platforms

      • Building and managing engineering support teams

      • Utilizing AutoStar and ASPICE

    Rate of Pay: $173,000 per year


    444 W Ocean Blvd, Suite 1250,

    Long Beach, CA 90802
    (Travel to customer sites and/or other company sites is required up to 30 days a year. 25% international, 75% domestic.)

    Apply To

    Sandra Gutierrez, Human Resources & Talent Acquisition
    444 W Ocean Blvd, Suite 1250, Long Beach, CA 90802

Current Openings


WattEV is working hard to speed up the electrification of medium and heavy-duty transportation and if rolling up your sleeves to tackle important and challenging problems sounds exciting to you, then please join us on LinkedIn or check our open positions below.

Our Vision

To harness the power of technology and data to make a positive shift in the health of our air, our planet, and our people.

Our Mission

To accelerate the transition to all-electric transportation in the heavy duty trucking industry.

Our Values

Discover New Solutions

Problem solving is more than an action, it is a mindset. Approaching every obstacle as an opportunity to find a new solution enables us to forge new paths, embrace the unknown, and thrive in creative spaces.

Combine Technology with Creativity

Balance is the key to success in solutions, services, and business. The diverse minds of our WattEV community are the strength behind our offerings, combining engineering, data analysis, and creative thinking to bring harmony to everything we do. 

Savor the Challenge

We know this road is not always an easy one, and we love it that way. Tackling challenges head-on gives us the excitement to make change, the resilience to stay focused, and the power to succeed.

Be a Builder

Creation happens at every level of WattEV, from our products to our team. Starting from scratch and building something new allows us to synthesize great minds and unlock brilliantly imaginative forces.

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