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Why drive with WattEV?


New electric trucks with innovative technology



Easy to use driver-centric app

Tested predetermined lanes

Experience the quality of electrification:

WattEV has brand new Class-8 electric trucks. We provide training, support, and go the extra mile to make sure you're successful. With local and regional hauls available you'll be sure to make it home each night, while leading the charge in a transforming industry.

You feel so much more confident in the electric trucks. Going uphill, you don’t have the fear of overheating. When driving in the rain, I feel safer as the truck is heavier and feels more grounded. The fear of skidding and hydroplaning is gone.

Drive with Us. 


Frequently Asked Questions

All driver feedback has been incredible. the reduced sound, reduced smell, and industry-leading technology make these vehicles a smooth and exciting experience. 

How do the electric trucks ride?

Local Southern CA routes.

What lanes are available?

A class-A CDL required, TWIC card preferred. 

What experience do I need?

All drivers are trained on proper usage and best practices for operating these trucks of the future.

Is training on electric trucks provided?

Drive with us!

Experience electrification.

A zero-emission driver experience results in industry-leading retention.

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