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Why drive with us?


New electric trucks with no "smell" of diesel.



Easy to use the driver-oriented app with all the functions you need for a smooth drive.

World-class green technology guaranteeing our trucks can fulfill your routes.

You are in the center of our system, and we provide you with:

We know trucking is a tough job. At WattEV, we want to give Owner-Operator drivers the opportunity and resources to make your fleet green and zero-emission based so you can comply with all the "green" regulations.

Subscribe to our limited opportunity for Owner-Operators and be first to get the electric truck at the diesel cost of ownership!

Get an electric truck. Easy.

Enjoy owning a brand-new electric truck with the same cost of ownership as for diesel one! Our Truck-as-a-Service approach allows you to own a truck. However, if you want to have one with lower costs - let us know - learn more!

Fill in the form so that we can know you better and you can join our cohort of Owner-Operators with the electric fleet.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are the owner-operator in the CA region and will be doing intermodal then you will have to deal with port regulations that will accept electric trucks only. Think ahead not to lose and even gain clients. 

Why should I care about the electric trucks?

At WattEV we provide you with the same cost of ownership for the electric truck as for a new diesel one. We achieve this by the economy of scale to offer you a competitive price as well as by the lower maintenance and "fuel" costs.

What is the total cost of ownership for electric truck?

WattEV has 4 charge depots in the following cities: Bakersfield, Gardena, San Bernardino, Buttonwillow, CA. Future site plans along with I-5 Sacramento,  I-15 Barstow, and  I-10 near CA/AZ border. 

Where can I charge a truck?

Approximately 90 min (80% charging at 250kW).

How long does it take for the truck to reach a full charge?

Approximately 38,000 LBS in a 40’ container and 40,000LBS in a 53’ Dry Van.

What is the max weight a customer can load in a container or trailer to be hauled by this type of truck?

Drive on selected routes

Every year we are expanding our charging network with more and more locations with three locations in the end of 2022 in CA, scaling to the whole US until 2026.

Drive with us!

Electrify your fleet. Hassle-free.

Driver experience you will never want to leave:


Total Cost of Ownership

on par with diesel operations.


service options. Fill in the form to discuss your offer.

No downtime

needed to swap the trucks - the downtime is on us!

Electric trucks with Zero-Risk powered by


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