WattEV to build nation’s first ‘Megawatt E-Truck Stop’ in Bakersfield; aims for 12,000 HD electric trucks on California roads by 2030

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A small start-up with big ambitions is making a serious splash in the truck transport world by building the nation’s first 25-megawatt, solar-powered, electric-only public truck stop to serve electric truck transport between California’s fast-growing Central Valley and Southern California’s bustling ports and shipping hubs.


WattEV, founded by an experienced team of telecommunications and satellite engineers, aims to revolutionize the heavy-duty trucking industry by solving the classic chicken-egg problem: Which comes first, electric trucks or charging infrastructure?

Their solution: Do both at once.


WattEV is building a pilot electric truck stop at a heavily truck-trafficked highway intersection in Bakersfield, located at the southern end of California’s expansive San Joaquin Valley. The 110-acre truck stop, positioned near logistics fulfillment centers run by Amazon and Walmart, will feature a solar micro-grid with battery storage, plus grid energy from PG&E.

Partners in the project include the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, Greenlots, Power Electronics, the Central California Asthma Collaborative, heavy-duty truck makers, PG&E and others. Initial output from the WattEV electric truck stop will include 4-megawatt (MW) capability, eventually growing to 25-MW feeding more than 40 charging bays.

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