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Electrifying Heavy Duty Transport

Zero-Emission freight transport made Easy, Affordable & Reliable

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Trucks by 2030

WattEV is
First to market as an infrastructure provider and a TaaS fleet ensuring market success and profitability.

WattEV uses a combination of business and technology innovation to create infrastructure and data-driven workflow that provides truckers and fleet operators the lowest total cost of ownership. 

Our goal is to get 12,000 HD electric transport trucks on the road in California by the end of 2030, exceeding current forecasts.

Our innovative charging design provided by Charge America allows for faster deployment and more economical use of power, by offering true dynamic sharing between both CCS & MCS charge dispensers.

Driving Innovation

How We Do It

Charging Infrastructure

Building a nationwide network of charging infrastructure at strategic locations complementary to TaaS

Truck-as-a-Service (TaaS)

A new Truck-as-a-Service business model that makes electric class 8 trucks accessible, affordable, and reliable for all carriers and owner-operators

Driver Experience

Our driver-centered seamless mobile app gets you moving freight using electric trucks without the hassle

Our Bakersfield Facility

News About Us

The Team

Led by electrical engineers and entrepreneurs

WattEV's founding team has significant experience working together building companies involving large, complex projects.

Salim Youssefzadeh

Co-Founder & CEO

Umar Javed

Co-Founder & President

Paul Boehmer

Vice President Sales

Marcelo Barros

Vice President Program Management

Chloe Yoo

Director of Finance

Ihor Starepravo

Director of Software Engineering

Oksana Krykun

Director of Product Development

Sandra Gutierrez

Human Resources & Talent Acquisition

Greg Battersby

Director of Business Development

Huzeifa Badshah

Director of Data Analytics

Mohamed Salem

Director, Construction Management - EVSE

Sarmad Jabbar

Director of Engineering, Power System

WattEV is counting on a number of incredibly successful partners and supporters who believe in the importance of our initiative to speed up the electrification of medium and heavy-duty transportation.

The group includes leading-edge equipment manufacturers, vehicle OEMs, integrators, consultants, community organizations, and government agencies.

21st Century Truck Stop

charge dispensers of 5MW in total

40 MW

capacity station with 40+ charge dispensers


Launch Date: End of 2022

1 mile from Amazon fulfilment center

12 miles from Walmart distribution center

Location Coming Soon

Trucks per day

8 MW

Grid Connection

San Bernardino

Launch Date: End of 2022

4.5 MWh battery storage

Close to Inland Empire warehouses

Location Coming Soon

Trucks per day

4 MW

Grid Connection


Launch Date: End of 2022

4.5 MWh battery storage

Close to ports of LA and Long Beach

Location Coming Soon

Trucks per day

8 MW

Grid Connection

Port of Long Beach

Launch Date: Mid 2023

8 MWh battery storage

Close to Port of LA and Port of Long Beach


Our Sites

Over 100 charging stations throughout the US by 2035

Board of Directors and Advisors

A board made up of industry professionals with a wealth of experience and successful track records.

Emil Youssefzadeh

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Bob Foster

Advisory Board Member

John Schuster

Advisory Board Member

Tom Nightingale

Advisory Board Member

Faramarz Yousefzadeh

Co-Founder & Board Member

Umar Javed

Co-Founder & Board Member

Miguel Jaller

Advisory Board Member

Salim Youssefzadeh

Co-Founder & Board Member

Electrification benefits calculator

Calculate your potential savings!

Enter your details below to see your emission reductions and $ savings.

Enter the number of diesel trucks in your fleet:

Enter the number of miles per truck per year:

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Your existing diesel fleet of {C10} vehicles contributes to:


tons of criteria pollutants and


tons of CO2 Emissions

Switching to the WattEV TaaS platform will help you save:


gallons per year of diesel fuel


in $ USD savings

Are you ready to start saving?


WattEV is working hard to speed up the electrification of medium and heavy-duty transportation and if rolling up your sleeves to tackle important and challenging problems sounds exciting to you, then please click on the button below to check for open positions.

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