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WattEV in the White House

WattEV Nikola BEV at our San Bernardino Charging Depot

Today our CEO, Salim Youssefzadeh, presented at the White House Round table on zero emissions freight infrastructure. For the past several years, WattEV has been operating out of Southern California with sites online in the Port of Long Beach, San Bernardino, Gardena and Moreno Valley. These sites have contributed to the electrification of over 20 trucks made up of various OEMs that have moved over 1 million miles of freight for Proctor and Gamble and other shippers. It presents the most diverse fleet and most extensive network to date focused on heavy duty trucks, serving not only WattEV's Truck as a Service carriers, but also other carriers that do not have sufficient charging capacity at their depots. Today WattEV announced the opening of its Bakersfield location, set for May 6th, which is representative of the Biden Administration's climate, clean energy, and environmental justice agenda. The site features 16 dual cord 360 KW CCS chargers connected to PG&E and 15 CCS 240 KW chargers running on a completely islanded operation with 5 MW of solar and 3 MWh of battery storage. This development puts together a series of new innovations that demonstrate grid resilience and new technologies through Distributed Energy Resources. The site will also host the first functional megawatt charger, a newsworthy piece in and of itself. These chargers will reduce the dwell time from 2 hours to 30min, which WattEV sees as a necessary step to achieving long haul, zero-emission freight. We are extremely grateful to be invited to share our announcement at the White House today and share our experiences with the administration. Beyond the 20 trucks already operational in WattEV's fleet, WattEV was recently awarded a $9.2 M grant for an additional 40 trucks that will operate around the ports of LA and LB. These trucks will allow carriers to get access to EVs at an affordable rate, making it more accessible for small carriers to electrify within our ever growing network.

See Salim's presentation at 1:22:00 - 1:29:00.

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