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WattEV for Fleets

Electrify your fleet. Hassle-free.

Electrify your fleet


Access to electric trucks from multiple OEMs



24/7 charging at all WattEV locations

Maintenance and customer support included

An all-inclusive electrification package:

WattEV's charging infrastructure empowers fleets to electrify at the same total cost of ownership as diesel. 

Turn-key access to electric semi trucks 

Prepare for the industry's transformation, comply with regulations, and strategically position yourself to support shipper ESG goals.

Fill in the form to begin your electrification journey.

Electric trucks with Zero-Risk powered by


A zero-emission driver experience results in industry-leading retention.


Frequently Asked Questions

24/7 access to all WattEV charging depots is included in the package.

Where will I charge the trucks?

We have partnerships with multiple OEM's to get you the truck you are most comfortable with. 

Which brand of trucks does TaaS include?

We can tailor your TaaS charging allowance to your specific lanes and usage needs.

How many miles of charging is provided?

Order times may very by OEM, but electric rucks are available locally for immediate delivery. 

How soon can I get a truck?

Maintenance is included with the TaaS package so you can leave the uptime to us. 

How are repairs handled?

Additional questions?

We would love to hear from you. 

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